water with lemon for weight loss

water with lemon for weight loss

Is there anything better than water with lemon for weight loss ? Water has almost no calories - it increases weight loss and helps keep you feeling full. Lemons (lemon juice) have many benefits of their own - they are full of vitamin C, flush out a lot of toxins from your body and of course, help you with your weight loss!

There are diets (that we will look out soon) that are based around drinking lemon juice or lemon water, such as the apytly named lemon juice diet.

Lemon peel (pectin) helps protect your body from absorbing fat, so has weight loss advantages of its own. A little lemon peel in a warm glass of lemon juice really will help (but dont go eating all of the lemon/ lemon peel, just the edge or it wont be good for you!).

To be honest the best thing about any of these lemon diets is that they actually get people to drink the recommended eight glasses of water a day. This increases your metabolism, helps your organs work and keeps you full in between meals. The lemon just makes it even more effective!

So is there anything better than water with lemon for weight loss ? Well, yes and no. It makes water even better for you, will burn fat in its own way and keep you healthy. Its a bit like a detox too. But just remember that it is only part of a diet. A healthy low fat ,high fibre diet on top of any lemon water diet will really help your weight just fly off!

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