Why you should tell her that you are using Tongkat Ali

Why you should tell her that you are using Tongkat Ali

As men you will feel secure before you spouse if give her the best sex experience, right? You cannot just sit down and watch your woman complaining each time that you are underfeeding her. It will rather embarrass you if she goes overboard to discuss this issue with her pals. That is why you should take time you explain to her why you want to enhance your sexual ability by giving her solid reasons. One of those things you shouldn’t forget to let her know is the use of Tongkat Ali. You explanation should be similar to the points in this article or else she will reject it.

Sexual desire

Tell her how your sexual desire will be enhanced. She will witness some of the best sex moments in her life and she will no longer be sexually starved.

Sexual performance

Make her believe that the herb is natural and has been taunted to enhance sexual performance .Presently, according to some research on those people who used the herb, it’s the best in the market that can guarantee you instant results. If you friends have ever used it and registered positive results, that will be even enough. Let her know!

Infertility and sperm count

One of the biggest challenge as a family you can have is the inability to have children. Most couples will not stand the test and that is why you must tell her that beside sexual performance, the herb proven to increase the sperm count and reduce the level of infertility.

Erectile dysfunction

Don’t let her look into your eyes and brand you a useless man due to the fact that your penis was not strong enough to make her shout or you prematurely ejaculated. Weak erections can be solved by this herb and this should even motivate you more to tell her that you believe in what you are doing; it’s for her own good!

Muscular mass

Do you know of any woman who will not love to have a muscular man ?probably no, she wants protection from you and being muscular is a sign of better protection according to women. Let her imagine being in the hands of a strong man with assured security. She won’t hesitate to give you a big okay.


The drug enables men to be active through the day and this is a good sign that you will perform in bed. And she will love the idea if you let her know what show stands to gain.

Body health

Did you know that this herb can destroy cancerous cell and heal stomach ulcers? It’s important that you let her know this plus other health benefits such as that of minimizing allergies.

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